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Revolution of Technology in the Hospitality Industry

It is generally argued that technology moves slowly in the hospitality industry, especially on the technological side of the Industry. But the way we travel has evolved due to technological advancements, and these new technologies promise an even more interactive and thrilling experience.

Nobody can deny that technology and travel are an excellent match, with an increase in travelling of people around the world there is more requirement of Hotels and Restaurants. This united force is also crucial in travelling from the holiday place we choose to what we do once we arrive, and even after returning home from our experience.

It is so common that, according to a Google Travel research, 74% of travellers arrange their journeys online, while only 13% still utilise travel agents to plan their excursions. Let’s talk about some essential technology solutions in the Hospitality Industry, which revolutionise industries to provide an exotic and personalised experience to travellers.

Mobile Technology is one of them. Our phones have taken on the roles of tour guide, travel agency, top restaurant locator, map, and more. It is by our side during the entire journey.

Augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR) is also one crucial technology, and it’s a trend because of all the options they provide. More corporations are using technology to show consumers a stateroom on a cruise ship or send them to the Great Wall of China for a few seconds.

Through Augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR), people can roam around the world, see the features and enjoy all the scenic views only by sitting in one place. Today, we can “teleport” ourselves to the planet’s farthest reaches without leaving our sofa.

The Internet of Things (IoT) has the potential to revolutionise the tourism business. Sensors connected to the Internet are being integrated into products such as cars, bags, buildings, and more.

Most hotel properties provide their guests with an app to interact with the room’s temperature or manage the television. There are now bags with electronics that allow customers to track where their suitcase is using their cell phones, avoiding lost luggage at the airport or other public locations.

In today’s world, our virtual assistants, such as Siri and Alexa, can answer all of our questions, such as the weather condition, play music, check my email, and more. Thanks to the arrival of virtual assistants created explicitly for this context, and hotels are already beginning to enlist this “assistance.”

Big Data analysis is creating a buzz worldwide as it changes how to analyse complex data and provides more relevant results. There has been a lot of talk about Big Data recently in the hospitality industry, but no one has yet demonstrated all of the benefits it may provide to the Industry.

Nonetheless, it is already used by many hotels, travel websites, and the restaurant industry. Many hotel chains analyse data about their customers to determine which demographics are best suited for marketing initiatives.

To construct the most appropriate client profile and achieve a greater success rate, they review their database to look at the amount spent, the reason for the trip, and the nation of origin, and cross-check this information with public data from government sources. They may better segment their marketing campaigns, increasing their efficacy and reducing the money spent on them.

Network technology consistently upgrades the life of people as it helps in providing more access to various websites to browse more ease and faster.

The 2G, 3G, 4G, and now 5G is giving more opportunities for the advancement of technology. With the support of 5G networks, travel technology becomes even more powerful. They offer substantially quicker loading and download speeds, better coverage, and connection stability.

In addition to downloading content 20 times faster than before, 5G allows us to create and deploy previously unavailable technology due to 4G limitations. As a result, smart device connections will be more efficient, and we’ll be able to appreciate the Internet of Things (IoT) fully.

Let’s compare the technology installation in Hospitality Industry. Not adding an elevator or providing hot water will not provide innovation or a competitive advantage in guest experience and comfort. Those problems have been solved for a long time. On the material front, comfort innovation has reached a stalemate.

Technology will be the future of guest experience innovation. Hospitality professionals are aware of these changes and how it affects the changing preferences of Consumers. The management makes the marketing strategies which involve and are oriented through these innovations and technology up-gradation in Tourism and Hospitality Industry.

The Hospitality courses are designed that way, giving proper education and training to coming hospitality professionals. Top Hotel Management colleges in Gurgaon and Delhi NCR are structuring their courses according to the need of the Industry.

It results in creating hospitality professionals who can easily accommodate in changing environment of the Hospitality industry. As technology revolutionises the hospitality industry, there will be more opportunities for Hospitality and Tourism graduates.

Written By:- 

Mr Milan Sharma,

Assistant Professor,

Faculty of Hotel and Tourism Management,

SGT University Gurugram

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