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An Insight on Hospitality Management

Hospitality management is a job title commonly associated with the hotel, resort, and lodging industries. Many components of the guest experience are created and managed by professionals in this industry. They frequently supervise front-desk personnel, housekeeping, and sales.

The hospitality industry is large and can be divided into various segments. ‘Food and Beverage,’ ‘Accommodation,’ ‘Travel and Tourism,’ and ‘Entertainment and Recreation’ are the top four sectors. Although the industry is separated, there is a lot of connection between them to improve the client experience.

The relationship between a guest and a host in which the host extends Hospitality to the guest, including the welcome and entertaining of guests, visitors, or strangers, is known as Hospitality. The core departments in Hotel Management are Front Office, Housekeeping, Food and Beverage and Food Production.

Hotel Management can be done after completing class 12th in any stream. There is a lot of scope in Hotel Management, not only in Hotels but also in the corporate sector.

Aviation Industry also requires Hotel Management graduates these days as they are well-groomed. The students have good communication skills due to their practical exposure in the Hotel Industry during their Industrial Training and On Job Training. This course focuses on Hospitality provided to the customers on board, in aeroplanes and the aviation industry. 

Dealing with customers is an essential requirement in any job these days, so Hotel Management has a broad scope and is in demand by all the sectors. If you like to meet new people and handle new situations every day, this field is apt. By pursuing this course, the complete grooming of an individual is achieved.

Following are the best hotel management courses.

These are the top courses for hotel management after class 12th:-

Written By:-Jaslien Chhatwal
Faculty of Hotel & Tourism Management
SGT University

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