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All you need to know about Zomato’s latest initiative – Hyperpure!

Zomato may be an imaginary creature within the food delivery trade, and they are too quick to chop-chop. They’re mutely building their approach towards being the market leader in the food delivery trade. Zomato often undertakes and checks new things and jumps into new markets. However, the Indian market isn’t like the Yank (US) trend, wherever individuals eat three times daily. According to a recent report, the typical Indian spends 6500 rupees every year in restaurants.

In recent times, Zomato wants to expand its business and seek a chance outside the food delivery market to avoid dependency solely on the food delivery business and increase corporate revenue. Hypersure is the latest initiative introduced by Zomato to expand its business model and enter a new segment of delivery of fresh produces and authentic ingredients for restaurants in the country.    

What is Zomato Hyperpure?

Hyperpure is a platform that delivers high-quality ingredients to restaurants at wholesale prices. They supply groceries, vegetables, fruits, poultry, seafood, dairy, ingredients, condiments, spices, ready-to-cook items, etc. Restaurants got to place an order on the online platform of Hyperpure one-day before to request delivery the following day. 

How Zomato Hyperpure work?

Zomato directly purchases groceries, vegetables, and ingredients from the farmers and vendors. In Zomato’s warehouse, they check for the standard of the merchandise and proceed with packaging. Finally, the components are delivered to the restaurants by Zomato.

What are the pros of Zomato Hyperpure?

  • Zomato provides the restaurants with high-quality ingredients and antibiotic residue-free chickens that ensure the product’s standard.
  • Zomato provides restaurants with the Hyperpure badge that attracts health-conscious customers.
  • It saves time for the building partners and that they notice all the ingredients in one place.
  • Zomato provides a credit facility to the client restaurants within the purchase that varies from seven to forty-five days.
  • The restaurant partner pays in either online or offline mode.

What are the cons of Zomato Hyperpure?

  • Zomato has struggled to tackle the demand, and they briefly stopped the delivery every week.
  • They don’t give refunds to the product once claimed by the restaurant owners.
  • As the grocery market is unsteady and several market players are well established in the grocery business, Zomato continues to struggle to satisfy the necessities of its partner.

What you’ll learn from Zomato Hyperpure?

  • Zomato Hyperpure provides a chance for the company to make a strong relationship with their partners. Therefore it will result in many businesses and associations expanding Zomato’s business.
  • They operate with the ‘Farm to Fork’ strategy that makes them travel from beginning to finish with their partners.
  • Zomato says they found a significant gap within the ingredient market and used the chance to add a new initiative for their business.

Now, you know a lot about Zomato’s Hyperpure and the strategy behind the platform. However, there’s plenty of information to be shared from Zomato. But one thing is clear, Zomato is relentlessly innovating its services and products to retain its market share in the food delivery business. 

Written By:- 

Harish Kumar, Assistant Professor, 

Faculty of Hotel & Tourism Management, SGT University, Gurugram

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