About us

The hospitality sector is a component of the travel and tourism industry, and the arrival of the twenty-first century unquestionably brought about a big boom in this field. The industry is expanding at a phenomenal rate as more and more people travel for business, pleasure, and other reasons. The curriculum, instruction, and training offered at the Faculty of Hotel and Tourism Management, SGT University, are of an international caliber and equip the students with the skills necessary to work confidently and artistically anywhere in India or abroad.

The Faculty of Hotel & Tourism Management at SGT University – one of the hotel management colleges in Gurugram & Haryana – offers programs that are designed after conducting an in-depth analysis of the demands of the sector. These programs primarily focus on people and service-oriented operations. These courses give you all the tools you need for this thrilling, energizing, and perpetually changing industry, whether you want to manage the operations of an internationally renowned tour operator, an online travel agency, a resort, a hotel, a club, a restaurant, or an airline. 

Course objectives

  • To equip students with a strong foundation of knowledge and skills required to manage a hotel and hospitality business effectively.
  • To help students develop an understanding of the hospitality industry, its market trends, and the changing needs of guests.
  • To provide students with practical training and hands-on experience through internships and industry collaborations.
  • To enhance the students’ communication and interpersonal skills to effectively manage staff and interact with customers from different cultures and backgrounds.
  • To teach students financial management, revenue management, and cost control techniques to help them optimize hotel and hospitality operations and achieve profitability.
  • To impart knowledge of effective marketing strategies to help students develop effective sales and promotion plans for their hospitality businesses.