Tourism and Hospitality Industry – A Sunshine Sector

Tourism industry the world over is growing at a tremendous pace in spite of economic, political & social adversities.   India is not far behind and is expecting a large number of tourist arrivals in the coming years.  The hotel industry is also gearing up to meet the demand of rooms to accommodate these tourists.

A large number international brands are coming in with a number of properties in all cities all over the country. This has generated a huge demand for trained personnel to man the services in these hotels.

The culture of dining out has also generated a large market for restaurants and eateries which require a huge number of trained professionals to man and run. All these developments open a large field for tourism operations and require skilled, trained and enthusiastic service

brigade.  The tourism sector is expected to become the top employer the world over shortly. The persons so trained are not confined to only hospitality areas but also find very good opportunities to work in a large number areas which are as follows

The curriculum, teaching program & training imparted is of international standards and prepares the students to work anywhere in India or abroad with confidence and flair.

Who can do well in Tourism & Hospitality Industry
Self confident persons
Diplomatic and Sensitive persons
Who have class and style
Having good physical appearance
Persons having positive attitude


Cruise ships
Passenger handling services
Travel agencies
Tourism services
Banks and financial institutions
Hotels & restaurant owners
Tourist Guide
Facility Management
Entertainment management
Event Management
Faculty for teaching

Admissions Open 2019-20