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SGT University’s Faculty of Hotel & Tourism Management programs are based upon extensive research of the industry requirements that focus on people and service-oriented operations. Whether you want to manage the operations of an internationally recognized tour operator, online travel agent, resort, hotel, club, restaurant or airline these courses equip you with all the tools that you require for this exciting, invigorating and ever dynamic industry.

Why Choose Hotel & Tourism Management?

Opportunities to travel the world.

International tie-ups with top international institutions

Regular Performance Enhancement Programs (PEP)

Experiential Learning via events and Industrial Visits

State of the art Infrastructure

Message from the Dean

The mission of the Faculty of Hotel and Tourism Management is to cultivate responsible and capable management professionals by fostering a culture of critical thinking, entrepreneurship, and holistic education. To meet the needs of the Tourism and Hospitality community and the general public, FHTM is constantly working to build a talent pool for the next generation. Our outstanding faculty members make a significant contribution to the knowledge economy by offering holistic education and development to the "Next-Gen" managers of the Hospitality world.

Mr. Harish Kumar

Associate Dean, Faculty of Hotel and Tourism Management

Program Highlights

Collaborations with International Institutions
Quantity and Advanced Training Kitchens
Internship Opportunities with World-Class Hotels
Ambrosia - Training Restaurant and Bar

Programs Offered

The pedagogy for the Hotel and Hospitality Management program is designed to foster active and engaged learning. Faculty members use a combination of instructional strategies, including lectures, case studies, group discussions, simulations, and experiential learning activities. 

Faculty members also encourage critical thinking and problem-solving by providing students with challenging scenarios that require them to analyze and synthesize information and develop innovative solutions. 

To enhance the learning experience, students are provided with opportunities to engage with industry professionals through guest lectures, field trips, and networking events. Additionally, the program emphasizes hands-on learning opportunities, such as internships, training programs, and industry collaborations, to help students develop practical skills and gain real-world experience. These opportunities are diverse, covering various areas of hospitality, including hotel management, food and beverage service, and event management, among others.

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