1. Admission and Eligibility

(a)           The duration of the Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM) shall be four academic years out of which 3rd & 8th semester will be on the job training. Each year shall be divided into two semesters. Thus, the BHM programme shall comprise of eight semesters spread over four years.  On the completion of all the eight semesters, the students will be awarded the Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel Management (BHM).  A candidate can complete all the eight semesters within a maximum period of 6 years from the date of admission to the first semester of the programme.

(b)           Admission to the first semester of the programme shall be open to candidates who have passed Senior Secondary Examination i.e. 10+2 with at least 40% marks (pass marks in case of SC/ST candidates) in aggregate from Board of School Education Haryana, Bhiwani or any other examination recognized by SGT University, Gurgaon as equivalent thereto.

(c)           The first to eight semester examination shall be open to a regular student who:

(i)            bears a good moral character;

(ii)           has been on the rolls of the faculty for the concerned semester;

(iii)          has at least 75% attendance in the class during the concerned semester;

(iv)          The candidate may be promoted to the next semester unless if 50% of papers of the previous semester is passed and detained from examination on any genuine grounds.


  1. Examination

(a)           Every candidate shall be examined in the subject(s) as laid down in the Scheme of Examinations/Syllabus prescribed by the Academic Council from time to time.

(b)           The external examiner(s) will set the question papers as per the criteria laid down in the Scheme of Examinations for the programme.

(c)           Papers will be checked by External and Internal examiners.

(d)           The medium of instruction and examinations shall be English ONLY.

(e)           The last date of receipt of admission forms and fees shall be fixed by the Vice Chancellor and as mentioned in Hank Book of information of the concerned academic session.

(f)            The amount of examination fee to be paid by a candidate for each semester shall be as per the decision of the University from time to time.

(g)           The examinations for the odd semesters shall ordinarily be held in the month of December/January and for the even semesters in the month of May/June or on such dates as may be fixed by the Vice Chancellor.

All supplementary examinations will be held for re-appear/failed candidates along with regular semester examinations.

(h)           The Director/Dean of the Faculty shall forward, a list of the eligible students who have satisfied the requirements of rules for appearing in the examinations to the Controller of Examinations, as per the schedule of examination of the University.

(i)            (i)            As soon as possible, after the termination of the examinations, the Controller of Examinations shall publish the results of candidates who have appeared in the semester examinations.

(ii)           Each candidate shall receive a copy of the Detailed Marks Card of the semester examinations.

(j)            The list of successful candidates after the eight semester examinations shall be arranged in three divisions on the basis of aggregate marks obtained in the first to eight semester examinations (for the award of BHM Degree) taken together and the division obtained by the candidate will be stated in his degree as under :

(i)            Those who obtain 40% marks but less than 50% marks              –               3rd Division

(ii)           Those who obtain 50% marks but less than 60% marks              –               2nd Division

(iii)          Those who obtain 60% and more marks                                         –               1st Division

(iv)          Those who pass all semesters examination

(1st to 8th semester) at the first attempt obtaining 75%

or more marks in the aggregate shall be declared to have

passed with                                                                                           –               Distinction


  1. Evaluation

(a)           The Director/Dean of the Faculty shall forward the Internal Assessment marks of the students, as per the scheme of examinations, wherever specified, to the Controller of Examinations as per the following criteria :

(i)            Seminar presentation and class participation –               10 marks

(ii)           Case analysis and presentation                                         –               05 marks

(iii)          Surprise test(s)                                                                     –               05 marks

(iv)          Attendance                                                                           –               05 marks

75% to 80%                          –               1 mark

81 % to 85%                         –               2 marks

86% to 90%                          –               3 marks

91% to 95%                          –               4 marks

96% to 100%                       –               5 marks


(b)           The Director/Dean of the Faculty will preserve the records on the basis of which the, Internal Assessment awards etc. have been prepared upto six months from the date of declaration of the semester examinations results. This record, including the attendance, will be disposed off after six months, however, the soft copy of the same be preserved.

(c)           The internal assessment/training report/project awards of a candidate who fails in any semester/paper(s) shall be carried forward to the next examinations.

(d)           Candidate(s) who has not obtained pass marks in the Internal Assessment in any paper(s) etc. will be provided an opportunity to appear before the Committee of Examiners, to be constituted by the Director/Dean of the Faculty, to re-assess performance of the candidate, corresponding to schedule given for supplementary examinations in Clause 2(f) and the Internal Assessment/Practical/Viva-Voce given by the Committee shall be final.

(e)           A candidate who fails to obtain pass marks in training report shall be accorded opportunity to undergo training again and the same shall be assessed by an External Examiner.

(f)            A candidate who fails to obtain pass marks in viva-voce shall have to re-appear before the board of examiners as laid down in Clause 3(j), as per schedule specified for supplementary examinations in Clause 2(f).

(g)           Every student of BHM shall be required to undergo a practical training in an industrial organization approved by the Faculty for 15 to 18 weeks in 3rd semester and 15 to 18 weeks in 8th semester as prescribed in the syllabus.  The candidates shall be required to undergo training in the various areas of the organization concerned.  The organization may assign a specific project to the candidate, which will be completed by him/her during the period of training.  The work done by the candidate during the training period shall be submitted in the typed form two copies of a training report.  The last date for the receipt of training report in the office of the Controller of Examinations shall be one month after the date of completion of training.

(h)           The evaluation of the Training Report shall be done by the external examine(s).

(i)            The Training Report will be submitted in the form specified as under :

(i)            The typing should be done on both sides of the paper (instead of single side printing).

(ii)           The font size should be 12 with Times New Roman font.

(iii)          The Training Report may be typed in 1.5 line spacing, but the References/Bibliography should be typed in single space.

(iv)          The paper should be A-4 size.

(v)           Two copies meant for the purpose of evaluation may be bound in paper and submitted to the approved authority.

(i)            The comprehensive viva-voce shall be conducted by a Board of Examiners to be appointed by the Vice Chancellor on the recommendation of the Chairman, Board of Studies of the University, consisting of the following members:

(i)            One Internal Faculty, nominated by the Director/Dean of the Faculty.

(ii)           One External Examiner from the academic field; and

(iii)          One executive from reputed organizations.

(Two members shall form the quorum)

(j)            The marks obtained by the candidate in the viva-voce shall be taken into account when he appears in any future examiner under re-appear clause.

(k)           The practical exam(s) of the courses (wherever specified) shall be conducted by the following Board of Examiners, consisting of two members :

(i)            One internal faculty member (to be appointed by the Director of the concerned faculty); and

(ii)           One external examiner (to be appointed by the Vice Chancellor on the recommendations of the Board of Studies.

(l)            The minimum percentage of marks to pass the examination in each semester shall be :

(i)            40% in each written papers and internal assessment/computer practical/workshop;

(ii)           40% in Training Report and Vive-Voce/Comprehensive Viva-Voce, separately;

(iii)          40% in the total of each semester examination.


  1. Other provisions 

(a)           There will be no improvement facilities available to BHM students.  However, grace marks will be allowed as per University Rules.

(b)           Lateral entry to 2nd year BHM programme shall be applicable for candidates who have completed one year diploma in F&B Service/Housekeeping/Food Production/Front office or any other one year diploma offered in Hotel Management by other recognized University/Board/Institutions.  The provision of lateral entry to 2nd year shall be applicable only if the candidate has completed one year diploma programme in Hotel Management or related field after 10+2; and seventy percent syllabus should match with First year of BHM programme being offered by SGT University.  Ten percent of the total intake shall be available for lateral entry, i.e. if the intake is of 60 then the lateral entries to 2nd year shall be 6 in addition to 60 admitted in first year.

(c)           Any dispute arising on account of implementation of this ordinance shall be referred to a committee of three members to be appointed by the Vice Chancellor and its decision shall be final and binding on all.  The procedure and rules for this programme, implementation shall be a binding on the faculty, which will be framed and approved by the University from time to time.

(d)           Nothing in this ordinance shall deem to debar the University from amending the ordinance and the same shall be applicable to all the students whether old or new.

(e)           Any other provision not contained in the above shall be governed by the rules and regulations framed by the University from time to time particularly in reference to common ordinance of the University.

It is assumed that there will be approximately 612 teaching hours in one semester of BHM program. Out of these, Theory teaching (Modules) will be of 368 hours and Practical will be of 244 hours. The teaching will be carried out on various modules for Hotel Management.

Besides these students will be exposed to a range of activities aimed at opening their minds to the elements of Hospitality and catering industry.

Heads Semester wise Total hour/ semester
Industrial Exposure Visits to Hotels and F & B outlets 112 Hrs
Peripheral Learning Visits to Chef Summits, Hospitality Fairs, Test kitchens, Breweries, Food Industries etc.
Interactive Learning Participation in Conferences,  Seminars, Workshops

The BHM program andragogy endeavors toward systematic learning which occurs as a result of education, instruction, exposure and planned experience.

Course distribution:  The BHM program will be of four year duration. It will be divided into 8 semesters of six months each including Industrial Training in Semesters 3rd / 4th (Depending on the total number of students in batches) and 8th.