Duration of Exposure: 15-18 weeks

Leave Formalities: I weekly off and festivals and national holidays given by the hotel 10 days medical leave supported by a medical certificate. Leave taken must be made up by doing double shifts or working on weekly offs. Attendance in the training would be calculated on the basis of Certificate issued by Training Manager/ HR Manager/ Concerned Officer of the unit trained in. Industrial Exposure will require an input of 90-100 working days (15 weeks x 06 days = 90 days). Students who are unable to complete a minimum of 45 days of industrial training would be disallowed from appearing in the term and examinations. Students who complete more than 45 days of industrial exposure but are unable to complete minimum 90 days due to medical reasons may make good during the vacations. Such students will be treated as ‘absent’ in industrial training and results. The training in III semester necessarily needs to be in an approved hotel equivalent to three star of above/ Heritage or other such good property. Prior written approval needs to be taken from the programme coordinator/ Convenor/ H.O.D for Industrial exposure from parent Institute.


Training Schedule:

III Semester

Housekeeping: 3- 4 weeks; Front Office: 2-3 weeks; Food and Beverage Service:4- 5 weeks Food Production: 4-5 weeks; others (In the areas of Interest) Floating weeks may be availed

Total weeks: 15-18 weeks. The Units imparting industrial exposure shall conduct formal induction sessions and emphasis on personality skills while acquainting the learners with skills of trade. It may please be noted that for this semester the number of credits assigned is 20. Being practical oriented the number of hours input per week comes as 40 hours per week.

Academic Credits for training shall be based on following

Log books and attendance, Appraisals, Report and presentation, as applicable

All trainees must ensure that the log books and appraisals are signed by the departmental/ sectional heads as soon as training in a particular department or section is completed. Trainees are also advised to make a report in all four departments in III semester on completion of training in that respective department. A PowerPoint presentation (based on the report) Should be make. This will be presented in front of a select panel from the institute and the industry. It should be made for duration of 10 minutes. Marks will be awarded on this. The presentation should express the student’s experiences in the department and what has he learned/ observed. (Refer to What to Observe Sheets for more details.)

The Training Report will be submitted in the form specified as under:

a) The typing should be done on both sides of the paper (instead of single side printing)

b) The font size should be 12 with Times New Roman font.

c) The Training Report may be typed in 1.5 line spacing.

d) The paper should be A-4 size.

e) Two copies meant for the purpose of evaluation may be bound in paper- and submitted to the approved authority.

Students have to submit the following on completion of industrial training to the faculty coordinator at the institute:

  1. Logbook.;
  2. Appraisal;
  3. A copy of the training certificate.
  4. IT Report in all four Departments.
  5. Power Point presentation on a CD, based on the training report.
  6. Attendance sheet.
  7. Leave card.