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07010707: Human Resource Management

Introduction to     Human Resource Management:  Introduction, Definition & Concept, Growth Drivers in India, Importance of HRM, Hospitality Industry Characteristics, Human Resource Roles, Recruitments,              Learning  &  Development,  Performance  Appraisal:   Recruitments, Introduction, Concept, Sources, What to look for in prospective candidates, Recruitments         Policy and Techniques. Learning & Development, Introduction, Concept, Functions, Training

Cycle, Evaluation, Methods, Organisational Culture & Training. Performance Appraisal – Introduction, Purpose, Process, Challenges, Underlying Theories, Balance Score Card, The 360 Degree Feedback System, Managing Employee Performance

Employee Motivation, Compensation & Benefit Management: Employee Motivation, Concept, Various Motivation Theories (Maslow’s Theory, Herzberg’s Theory, Adam’s Equity Theory, B.F Skinners Reinforcement Theory),

Satisfaction, Organisational Culture, Disciplinary Action: Introduction, Theories of  Motivation, Correlates of Job Satisfaction, Importance of Job Satisfaction, Measuring Job  Satisfaction. Organisational Culture: Introduction, Observational Aspects, Functions, Cultural Models, Positive or Negative Organisational Cultures,



















Must know

HR Challenges. Manpower Planning, Process, Managing Workers,

Motivating Employees & Measurement. Compensation            &  Benefits:  Policy,  Components,  Determinants,  Theories,  Employee Compensation Practices in India

5 Desirable to Know
Managing and Changing Organisational Cultures. Disciplinary Action: Introduction, Principles of Natural Justice, Counseling, Disciplinary Guidelines, Disciplinary Process, Charge Sheet 5 Nice to Know
Syllabus books

–          Human Resource Development & Management in the Hotel Industry – S.K. Bhatia, Nirmal Singh

–          Principal and Techniques of Personnel Management Human Resource Management – Dr. Jagmohan Negi

–          Human Resource Development Practice in Travel and Tourism – S.C. Bagri

–          Human Resource Management in Hospitality – Malay Biswas

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