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07010704: Skill Enhancement for Media & Journalism in Hospitality & Tourism


Journalism, Hospitality & Tourism: Introduction to Journalism, Definition of a Journalist, Nature & Scope of Journalism, Journalism – Hospitality & Tourism: Careers & Opportunities,.

Pioneers in Hospitality & Tourism Journalism & Media:  Pioneers in Travel Writing,Great travel stories of Marcho Polo, Hiuen Tsang, Iban Batuta, Al Baruni,  V.S. Naipaul, Rahul            Sankratayan, William Darlympal,  Today’s Hospitality Pioneers – Chef Manjit Gill,

Studio Food Promoters – Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, Chef Vikas Khanna, David Rocco

Unit III: Creative Travel, Tourism & Hospitality Writing: : Introduction to creative writing, information collection, writing for hospitality, tourism and travel magazines, Writing for online magazinesHospitality Magazines, Travel web searching (browsing).

nit IV: Media Applications for Hospitality: Introduction Media, Its Role in Hospitality Promotion, Televisions, Food Food Channel, TLC Channel, Food & Travel Shows, Social Media- Creating Pages and Profiles,






Must know
Familiarization with tasks and profile of a Journalist, Ethics for Journalists, Current Issues for Journalists, Travel, Tourism & Hospitality Writing, Types of Travel Writing

Studies from Hospitality Biz India, Travel Biz Monitor and Express

5 Desirable to Know
Merits/Demerits of Social Media.    Developing promotional

Literature, Travel & Hospitality Photography, New Trends

5 Nice to Know
 Syllabus books

–          Magazines of Airlines, Hotels & Tourism Organisations.

–          Hand Book of Journalism & Mass Communications by V.S. Gupta, Vir Bala Aggarwal, concept Publishers, New Delhi.

–          Hospitality Biz India, Travel Biz Monitor

–          Hotel Promotional Literatures

–          Mass Communication Theory & Practice by Uma Narula, Hiranand Publication, New Delhi.

–          Mass Communication, Wilbur Schram

–          Outlook Traveler

–          The Art of Travel : Essays on Travel Writing, Dodel, Philip

–          Travel in the ancient world, Cason, Leonell, George Allen

Understanding Media by Marshal McLuhan