Sr. No.

07010615: Hospitality Marketing


Introduction to Marketing

Needs, Wants and Demands; Products and Services; Markets; Marketing; The Production Concept, The Product Concept, The Selling Concept, The Marketing Concept, The Societal Marketing Concept; The Marketing Process, Service Characteristic of Hospitality and Tourism Business

Marketing Environment, Consumer Markets and Consumer Buyer Behavior Micro and Micro Environment, Characteristics

Distribution Channels, Product Pricing and Services Strategy

Nature and Importance of Distribution System, Marketing Intermediaries,

Public Relations, Sales Promotions and Integrated Marketing Communication

The Marketing Communications Mix, The Changing Face of Marketing Communications, Integrated Marketing Communications, Socially Responsible Marketing Communication, Advertising, Sales Promotion,



















Must know

Factors Affecting Consumer Behaviour, Buying Decision Behaviour, The Buyer Decision Process

What is Product, Product Classification, Individual Product Decisions, Product Life Cycle, Approaches to hospitality service pricing.

10 Desirable to Know
Public Relations, The Public Relation Process, Personnel Selling, Direct Marketing, Technology and its applications in Marketing.
10 Nice to Know
Syllabus books


  • Services Marketing – Ravishankar
  • Services Marketing – Zeital Valerire – A and Mary Jo Baiter Publisher: Mc Graw Hill Company
  • Service Marketing – Wood ruffe Helen Publisher Macmillan
  • Foundation and Practices Marketing of Services – Strategies for Success, Harsh V. Verma, Professional Manager’s Library, Global Business Press
  • Marketing Management, Philip Kotler, Prentice – Hall of India, New Delhi
  • Hospitality & Travel Marketing, Alastair M. Morrison
  • Strategic Hotel and Motel Marketing – Hart & Troy
  • Marketing for Hospitality Industry – Robert
  • Marketing Management in South Asian Perspective, Kotler, Philop, Kevin Keller, A. Koshy and M.Jha,-Pearson Education, New Delhi
  • Marketing – Kerin, Hartley, Berkowtz and Rudeliu, TMH, New Delhi
  • Marketing: Concepts and Cases – Etzel, Micael J, TMH, New Delhi
  • Tourism Marketing – Manjula Chaudhary, Oxford University Press.