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07010613: Accommodation Management

04 Topic to be covered Teaching  Hours Domain
  Unit- 1   Interior Decoration: Importance, Definition & Types, Classification, Principles of Design:

Harmony, Rhythm, Balance, Proportion, Emphasis, Elements of Design: Line, Form, Colors,

Texture, Flower Arrangement: Concept & Importance, Types & Shapes and Principles,

Equipment and material required for flower arrangement,

Lighting:  Classification, Types & Importance,  Applications.  Furniture  Arrangements: Principles, Types of Joints, Selection.

Floor & Wall   Covering:  Types and Characteristics,                Carpets: Selection, types,

Characteristics, Care and Maintenance. Windows, Curtains, and Blinds Soft Furnishings and Accessories: Types, use and care of Soft furnishing, Types of Accessories: Functional and Decorative,

Unit – 4 Computer Applications in Hotel Accommodation: Introduction to Hotel Software’s,

Operating Procedures, Salient Features Merits & Challenges, Handling Guest and non guest accounts, Preparing reports, Giving Maintenances,; Planning & Evaluating Front Office Operations: Forecasting techniques, Forecasting Room availability,

forms; Yield Management – Concept and importance, Applicability to rooms division (Capacity management, Discount allocation, Duration control, Measurement yield)

















Must know
  Conditioning of plant material Indoor Plants care and role of housekeeping

Colors: Color Wheel, Importance & Characteristics, Classification of colors, Color Schemes.

Useful forecasting data,

(• % of walking, • % of overstaying, • % of under stay) Forecast formula, Sample forecast , Potential high and low demand tactics, Yield management software, Yield management team


Desirable to Know


  • Hands on practice of computer application (Hotel Management System) related to Rooms Division procedures as covered in syllabus
  • Presentations on Interior Decorations
  • Flower Arrangements Workshops
  • Visit to Local Resources





Syllabus books.

  • Hotel Hostel and Hospital Housekeeping – Joan C Branson & Margaret Lennox (ELBS)
  • Hotel House Keeping – Sudhir Andrews Publisher: Tata Mc Graw Hill.
  • House Craft – Valerie Paul
  • House Keeping Management for Hostels, Rosemary Hurst, Heinemann
  • Housekeeping and Front Office – Jones
  • Housekeeping management – Margaret M. Leappa & Aleta Netschke
  • Hotel Housekeeping Operations & Management – Raghubalan, Oxford University Press
  • In House Management by A.K Bhatiya
  • Front office operations by colin Dix & Chirs Baird
  • Hotel front office management by James Bardi
  • Management front office operations by Kasavana & Books
  • Front office training manual by Sudhir Andrews
  • Managerial accounting and hospitality accounting by Raymond S Schmidgall
  • Managing computers in hospitality industry by Michael Kasavana and Cahell
  • Principal of Hotel Front Office Operations, Sue Baker & Jeremy Huyton, Continuum