S. No 07010508: Foreign Language Skills –I (French/ Spanish/ German)
 Pronunciation – The Alphabet – The Accents; ‘Formules de politesse’; The numbers:Cardinal – Ordinal; Time (only 24 hr clock); Weights & Measures; The subjective pronouns; Auxiliary verbs : etre and avoir

Self introduction; presenting and introducing other person; Name of vegetables and fruits; Conjugation of first group of verbs; Days of the week; Months of the year; Date;

Name of the Countries and their Nationalities; Preposition of place; Describing a place (your city/ tourist place)

Vocabulary describing family; Describe your family; Name of dairy products and Cereals

Simple translation

20 Must know
The definite and indefinite articles

Conjugation of second group of verbs; Adjectives of place

Negation; Conjugation of irregular verbs : venir, aller; Demonstrative Adjectives

5 Desirable to Know

Role-playing of different situations

Understanding questions


Picture composition

5 Must know
Syllabus Book

  • Larousse compact Dictionary: French-English/ English-French
  • Conjugaison – Le Robert & Nathan
  • Larousse French Grammar
  • Grammaire Collection “Le Nouvel Entrainez vous” level debutant
  • Parlez à l’hotel by A. Talukdar
  • A Votre Service 1
  • French for Hotel and Torism Industry by S.Bhattacharya
  • Jumelage 1 by Manjiri Khandekar and Roopa Luktuke
  • Basic French Course for The Hotel Industry by Catherine Lobo & Sonali Jadhav
Admissions Open 2019-20