S. No 07010409: Accommodation & Front Office Foundation -II

Cleaning of Public Areas:  Cleaning of Public Areas: Cleaning Process, Cleaning and

Upkeep of Public areas, (Lobby,Cloakrooms/ Restaurant/bar/banquet Halls/

Administration offices/ Lifts and Elevators/ Staircase/ back areas/ Front areas/ Corridor),

Special Provisions for Guests, Safety, Security and First Aid: Guest room features for differently abled – added features and modifications, Public Areas: Wash – rooms,

restaurants, main entrance etc. added features and modifications.

The Concept and Importance, Safety: Accidents, Fires

(Cause, Procedure, Accident report form), Security: Security of Guest/ Staff/ Public areas/

Rooms/ Back office areas, First Aid: Concept and Emergency Procedures (Heart Attack,

Fits, Burns, Fainting, Fractures, Scalds, Artificial respiration

The Guest Stay with Hotel: Registration: concept, systems and its procedure, Registration

form and C Form, No Shows, Rooming of Guests, Message Handling, Dealing with Guests

Requests and Complaints,  Travel  Desk  and  Concierge:  functions;  luggage,  paging, message and left luggage handling procedure, foreign currency handling, Room selling techniques, Communicating with guests.

The Guest Departure and Post Departure Services at Front Desk: The guest accounting, the guest ledgers, city ledger, tips and advances, front office cash sheet, paid out, bank net

receipts, over and shorts, settlement of bills, credit card handling, handling vouchers of –

room rate, food sales, laundry, other guest services, miscellaneous charges, credit security

measures, cash and credit control, express check out, early and late check outs, group

departures, post departure courtesy services





















Must Know
Pest Control: Types of pests, Control procedures, Safeguarding Assets: Concerns for safety

and security in Housekeeping operations, Concept of Safeguarding assets.

Situation Handling/

5 Desirable to Know
Service Design, for typical Market Segment (Safety, security & Comfort); Airlines crew guest rooms, single lady guests, Children.
5 Nice to Know

  • Identification and familiarisation with cleaning of Public Areas in Hotels.
  • Develop an understanding about requirements of different guests, with children, business travellers, single woman traveller, differently abled travellers and acquaint the learners with procedures like expression about sharing of hotel services and facilities to guests, employees as brand ambassadors of hotels, managing guest interactions effectively.
  • Handling guest Check – In , Registration, Facilitation during stay at Hotel, Billing, Related Performa’s.
  • Skills to handle guest accounting and departure (fits and groups)







Must know
–         Role play: In ref to the theory syllabus


Desirable to Know
Syllabus Book

  • Hotel Hostel and Hospital Housekeeping – Joan C Branson & Margaret Lennox (ELBS).
  • Hotel House Keeping – Sudhir Andrews Publisher: Tata Mc Graw Hill.
  • Hotel Housekeeping Operations & Management – Raghubalan, Oxford University Press.
  • Housekeeping and Front Office – Jones
  • Managing Housekeeping Operations – Margaret Kappa & Aleta Nitschke
  • Professional Management of Housekeeping Operations (II) Edn.) – Rohert J. Martin & Thomas J.A. Jones, Wiley Publications
  • Security Operations By Robert Mc Crie, Publishe: Butterworth – Heinemann