07010402: Food & Beverage Service Operations  
Topics to be covered                                                         Teaching Hours Domain
Restaurant Planning: Introduction, Planning & Operating various F & B Outlets and support, ancillary areas, Factors- Concept, Menu, Space & Lighting, Colors and Market, Restaurant Design team. Restaurant Problems and Guest Situation Handling – (thumb rules), Hosting Theme Functions/ Lunches/Events, Preparation of Flambé & Gueridon Service 10 Must Know
  Buffet: Introduction, Types, Buffet Sectors, Equipments Used, Factors, Space requirement & Checklist, Buffet Presentation, menu planning, staff requirement, Buffet Management. Function Catering: Introduction, Types of Function, Function Administration & Organization-
Banquets: Booking Procedure, Menus, Function contracts, Seating Arrangements. Other Catering Operations: Off- Premises Catering, Hospital Catering, Industrial & Institutional Catering, Airline & Railway catering, Home Delivery, Take away, Afternoon & High Teas: Introduction, Menu, Cover & Service. F & B Control – Overview: Introduction, Objectives of F & B Control, Problems in F & B Control, Methodology of F & B Control. K.O.T. Flow chart. Cost & Sales Concepts: Definition of Cost, Elements of Cost, Classification of Cost, Control at different stages such as Purchasing, receiving , storing etc 10
 Budgetary Control: Objectives and Kinds of Budget, Budgetary Control Process, Stages in the preparation of Budgets. Budgeting for F & B Operations 5
Ways of expressing sales concepts. Cost Volume/ Profit Relationships (Break- even analysis). 5 Desirable to Know
Kitchen Stewarding: Importance record maintains , Inventory control. Gueridon service, Procedure, Advantages and disadvantages 5 Must  Know

  1. Restaurant Set –ups of different types & services
  2. Service of Afternoon & High teas
  3. Buffet Lay –up, theme Buffets set up
  4. Banquet Setup and service
  5. Theme Parties
  6. Role Plays & Situation handling in Restaurant
  7. Gueridon Service
Must Know
Syllabus Books –          Financial & Cost control techniques in hotel & Catering Industry – Dr J.M.S. Negi   –          Food & Beverage Control By: Richard Kotas and Bernard Davis –          Food & Beverage Cost Control- Lea R Dopson, Wiley Publishers. –          Food & Beverage Management By: Bernard Davis & Stone –          Food & Beverage Service- Dennis R. Lillicrap. & John.A. Cousins. Publisher: ELBS –          Food & Beverage Service Management- Brian Vargese –          Food & Beverage Service Training Manual- Sudhir Andrews, Tata Mc Graw Hill. –          Hotel & Catering Costing & Budgets, RD. Boardman, Heinemann –          Introduction F & B Service- Brown, Heppner & Deegan