07010401: Introduction to Indian Cooking 

Topics to be covered                                                       

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Indian Cooking: – Introduction, The great Indian Cuisine – Key features, Regional influences on Indian Food

Condiments, Herbs and Spices Used in India Cuisine: Introduction, Condiments, Herbs and Spices used, Various ways of using spices, their storage and usage tips. Difference between spices and condiments.



Must Know
Masalas, Pastes and Gravies in Indian cooking: Introduction, Types, Blending of Spices, Concept of Dry and Wet Masalas, Pastes used in Indian Cooking, Basic Indian Gravies & curries: regional gravies & Gravy preparations.

Commodities and their usage in Indian Kitchens:   Introduction, Souring Agents, Colouring Agents, Thickening Agents, Tendering Agents, Flavouring and Aromatic Agents, Spicing Agents in Indian Kitchens.




Must Know
Introduction, Geographical Perspectives, Brief Historical Background, Characteristics & Salient Features of Cuisine, Key Ingredients, Popular Foods Seasonal Foods, Special Equipments, Staple Diets, Specialties during Festivals and Other Occasions, Festivals, and Other Occasions, Community Foods of the following states: Cuisines of

  • Kashmir, Himachal,  Uttarakhand,
  • Punjab, Haryana, Delhi,
  • Rajasthan, Maharashtra & Gujarat,
  • Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Goa & Kerala,
  • Madhya Pradesh, Lucknow, Bengal & Odisha
10 Must Know
Indians Sweets, Breads & Snacks: Introduction, Geographical Perspectives, Brief Historical Background, Characteristics & Salient Features, Key Ingredients, Popular Sweets, Seasonal Sweets, Special Equipments, Specialities during Festivals and Other Occasions  



Must Know
Food of India & Indian Communities: Jain Food, Bohri, Parsi Food, Chettinad, Lucknowi, Malabari Christian, Home Style Cooking: Tandoori Foods, Dum Style Cooking, Traditional Cooking Delights, North Eastern Indian Foods, Food of Madhya Pradesh  



EQUIPMENT: Equipment required for mass/volume feeding, Heat and cold generating equipment, Care and maintenance of this equipment, Modern developments in equipment manufacture,

03 Must Know

INSTITUTIONAL AND INDUSTRIAL CATERING: Types of Institutional & Industrial Catering, Problems associated with this type of catering, Scope for development and growth,

HOSPITAL CATERING: Highlights of Hospital Catering for patients, staff, visitors, Diet menus and nutritional requirements





Must Know
OFF PREMISES CATERING: Reasons for growth and development, Menu Planning and Theme Parties, Concept of a Central Production Unit, Problems associated with off-premises catering,

MOBILE CATERING: Characteristics  of  Rail,  Airline  (Flight  Kitchens  and  Sea Catering), Branches of Mobile Catering,


  1. Understanding Indian Cooking and Preparation of simple popular foods of India (At least one simple three course menu from each region of India , North, East, South, east and Central India its salient features and cooking).
  2. Understanding Preparations of Masalas, Pastes and Gravies in Indian Kitchen.
  3. Preparation of:
  • Makhni Gravy
  • Green Gravy
  • White Gravy
  • Lababdar Gravy
  • Kadhai Gravy
  • Achari Gravy
  • Malai Kofta Gravy
  • Yakhni Gravy
  • Yellow Gravy
  • Korma Gravy

4.       Two Menus, about 4-5 dishes per (complete menu) per state.









Must Know
Familiarization with, commodities and their usage in Indian Kitchens with the help of simple dishes preparations indicating their usage.  10 Desirable to Know
Condiments, Herbs & Spices in Indian Kitchen – Do’s & Don’t’s  10 Nice to Know
Syllabus Books

  • Food Production Operations: Parvinder S Bali, Oxford University Press
  • Larder Chef By M J Leto & W K H Bode Publisher: Butterworth- Heinemann
  • Modern Cookery (Vol- II) By Philip E. Thangam, Publisher: Orient Longman
  • Practical Cookery By Kinton & Cessarani