07010205: English Communication / Mil Communication

Topics to be covered Hours Domain
Handle requests, complaints and queries: Target language (May I…? Help me understand…., 5Ws & 1H, accepted conduct protocols, usage of functional modals 10  





Must Know

Narrative Skills: Recount personal experiences with assistance, live narration, future projections, express familiar and recurring events, acquaintance with diverse vocabulary 15
Telephone etiquettes: Do’s & Don’ts, progression of dialogue, assertive and concrete communication, how to receive and convey messages Reading and Listening Comprehension: Paraphrasing, forming opinions, making projections, familiarity with varied accents  


Communicate through emails on complex issues: customer handling, offering suggestions, receiving feedback, information exchange, coordinating for event planning.

Correction of phonetic errors

Acquaintance and removal of Indianisms

Forming opinions and supporting them with real life examples





Grievance and query handling through role plays and related videos

Written and spoken narrative skills: Activity based

Telephone Etiquettes: Scenario based role plays

Comprehension practice: Audio/Video/passages

Collage activities on current/ contemporary industry based issues