07010203 : Accommodation Foundation -II

Topics to be covered                                                        

Teaching Hours


Cleaning Science: Cleaning Agents, Characteristics of a good cleaning agent, PH scale, Types of cleaning agent, cleaning products (Domestic and Industrial), Cleaning Equipment: Types of Equipment, Operating Principles, Characteristics of Good equipment (Mechanical/Manual), Storage, Upkeep.  



Must Know
Housekeeping Procedures: Cleaning Schedules, Cleaning Methods, Briefing, Debriefing, Proceeding for Days work, Keys & Their Classification, Inventory of Housekeeping Items, Indenting from Stores, Housekeeping control desk: Importance, Role, Co-ordination, check list, key control. Handling Lost and Found, Forms, Forms and registers used in the Control Desk, Housekeeping Supervision: Importance of inspection, Check- list for inspection, Typical areas usually neglected where special attention is required, Self- supervision techniques for cleaning staff, Degree of discretion/ delegation to cleaning staff.  





The Guest Room Servicing: Cleaning of Guest Rooms & Bathrooms: Daily cleaning of (Occupied/ Departure/ Vacant/ Under Maintenance/VIP rooms (Systematic Procedures), Special Cleaning, Weekly Cleaning /Spring Cleaning, Evening service/ Turn Down Service, System & procedures involved, Forms and Formats, Replenishment of Guest supplies and amenities, Use of Maids Cart & Caddy. 10
Maintenance of equipment, Care and Cleaning of Different Surfaces: Metal, Glass, Leather, Rexene, Ceramic, Wood, Wall and floor covering, Stain Removal

Paging systems and methods, Handling of Guest Requests, General operations of control desk. 

5 Desirable to Know

  1. Identification and familiarisation with cleaning equipments and agents.
  2. Cleaning of different surfaces e.g. windows, tabletops, picture frames under beds, on carpet, metal surfaces, tiles, marble and granite tops.
  3. Develop an understanding about basic Housekeeping procedures like Briefing, De Briefing, dealing with Lost & Found, Key Control, Forms & Registers at Control desk of Housekeeping
  4. Skills to handle to telephones at the reception- receive/ record messages.
  5. Skills to handle guest departure (fits and groups)
  6. Guest room cleaning, occupied, departure,vacant
  7. Servicing of guestrooms, placing/ replacing guest supplies and soiled linen







Must Know
Suggested Readings:

  • Hotel Hostel and Hospital Housekeeping – Joan C Branson & Margaret Lennox (ELBS).
  • Hotel House Keeping – Sudhir Andrews Publisher: Tata Mc Graw Hill.
  • Hotel Housekeeping Operations & Management – Raghubalan, Oxford University Press.
  • Housekeeping and Front Office – Jones
  • Managing Housekeeping Operations – Margaret Kappa & Aleta Nitschke
  • Professional Management of Housekeeping Operations (II) Edn.) – Rohert J. Martin & Thomas J.A. Jones, Wiley Publications
  • Security Operations By Robert Mc Crie, Publishe: Butterworth – Heinemann
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