07010202: Food & Beverage Service Foundation –II

Topics to be covered                                                        Teaching Hours Domain
Non Alcoholic Beverages  Tea , Coffee: Introduction, Types (Tea, Coffee, Juices, Aerated Beverages, Shakes) Descriptions with detailed inputs, their origin, varieties, popular brands,       presentation and service tools and techniques. Coffee Shop & Breakfast Service: Introduction, Coffee Shop, Layout, Structure, Breakfast: Concept, Types & classification, Breakfast services in Restaurant and Room Service, Method and procedure of taking a guest order, emerging trends in Breakfast Services and salient features 10








Must Know








Must Know

Menu Planning : Origin, Types and uses of menu. Pricing of menu, costing, menu fatigue  Courses of French Classical meal Types of meals EMT, Breakfast , Brunch,Lunch Afternoon tea, Dinner and Supper.

Food and Beverage Services in Restaurants: – Introduction, Concept of Restaurant, Restaurant Teams Organizational Structure, Modern Staffing in various hotels, Types of Restaurants, their salient features; Theme and Speciality Restaurants, Celebrity Restaurants.Set up of Restaurants and their Layouts, Preparation of restaurant., Method and procedure of receiving guests, taking guest orders, Service equipment used and its maintenance, Coordination with housekeeping for soil linen exchange








Room Service/ In Room Dinning: Introduction, Concept of Room Service/ In Room Dinning, Types & Their Salient Features, Room Service flow chart, Understanding Guest expectations in Room Service, Room Service Equipments, Set up of Trays & Trolleys, Upkeep and Storage, Service Tols, Clearance, Presentation of Bills, Room Service Dos & Don’ts  



Physical inventory monthly of crockery, cutlery, linen etc., Equipment, furniture and fixtures used in the restaurant and their use and maintenance,

Mini Bar Management in Guest Rooms, Guest Interaction – Have and Have not’s


5 Desirable to know

  1. Understanding Non Alcoholic Beverages, Types & Service Techniques
  2. Service of three course meal.
  3. Guest Interactions while on Food Service – Do’s & Don’t’s
  4. Breakfast Services: Types, Breakfast Layouts, Menu Knowledge, Table Services, Clearance & Acknowledging guests.


5.Familiarisation with Food Service in Restaurants ( Receiving Guests, Table Layouts, Complimenting them, Presentation of Bills, Dealing with in house/ residential guests)

6.Restaurant Services – Their salient features, Table Layouts, Presenting Menus, precautions while dealing with guests, Commitments with guests, Food Pickup Procedures, Clearance and Dishwashing Procedures


7.Room Service Practical, Taking of Orders, Delivery of Food Services, Identifying Room Service Equipment, Importance of Menu Knowledge for Order-taking (RSOT functions/procedures), Food Pickup Procedure, Room service Layout Knowledge, Laying of trays for various orders, Pantry Elevator Operations, Clearance Procedure in Dishwashing area, Room service Inventories and store requisitions













Must Know
Syllabus Books
 –          Food & Beverage Service – Dennis R.Lillicrap. & John A. Cousines. Publisher: ELBS

–          Food & Beverage Servicel – Sudhir Andrews, Tata Mc Graw Hill.

–          Food & Beverage Service Lillicrap & Cousins, ELBS

–          Introduction F & B Service- Brown, Heppner & Deegan

–          Modern Restaurant Service- John Fuller, Hutchinson

–          Professional Food & Beverage Service Management – Brian Varghese

–          The Restaurant (From Concept to Operation)