07010106 : Application of Computers

Topics to be covered                                                       

Teaching Hours


Introduction  to  Computers:  Introduction  to  Computer:  Classification,  Generations,Organization, Capabilities Characteristics & Limitations, Application of Computer in Hotels, Familiarisation with  Components of Computers – Hardware: Hardware elements – input, storage, processing & output devices. Block diagram of computer, 10




Must Know

Introduction to Computers Software:  Types of Software, System Software, Application Software, Utility Software’s, Use of MS- Office: Basics of MS- Word. MS- Excel and MS-

Power Point



Internet & Applications: Introduction to Internet: Definition of networks, concepts of web page, website and web searching (browsing). Benefits, Application, Working, Hardware and

Software requirements, World Wide Web, Web Browser, URL, Search Engines, Email




Social Media Applications and Hospitality: Introduction to Social Media, Its Role in Hospitality Promotion, Facebook – Creating Pages and Profiles, Merits/Demerits of Social

Media, Linked In, Twitter and Other Social Media Applications

  • versity Press
  • Larder Chef By M J Leto & W K H Bode Publisher: Butterworth- Heinemann
  • Modern Cookery (Vol- I) By Philip E. Thangam, Publisher: Orient Longman
  • Practical Cookery By Kinton & Cessarani
  • Practical Professional Cookery By Kauffman & Cracknell
  • Professional Cooking by Wayne Gislen, Publisher Le Cordon Bleu
  • Purchasing Selection and Procurement for the Hospitality Industry By Andrew Hale Feinstein and John M. Stefanelli
  • The Professional Chef: Le Rol A. Polsom
  • Theory of Catering By Kinton & Cessarani
  • Theory of Cookery By K Arora, Publisher: Frank Brothers 

Application as per syllabus in the computer lab

30 Must know
Suggested Reading:

  • Leon & Lion, Introduction to Computers, Vikas Publishing House, New Delhi
  • June Jamrich Parsons, Computer Concepts 7th Edition, Thomson Learning, Bombay.
  • Comer 4e, Computer networks and Internet, Pearson Education
  • White, Date Communications & Compute4r Network, Thomson Learning, Bombay.
  • Computers in Hotels – Concepts & Applications : Partho P Seal Oxford University Press