3 07010103 : Accommodation Foundation I 
Topics to be covered                                                        Teaching Hours Domain
Hotel Housekeeping: Introduction, Meaning and definition Importance of Housekeeping, Sections of Housekeeping, Responsibilities of the Housekeeping department, a career in the Housekeeping department. Housekeeping Department: Organizational framework of the Department (Large/Medium/Small Hotel), Role’ of Key Personnel in Housekeeping, Job Description and Job Specification of staff in the department, Attributes and Qualities of the Housekeeping staff – skills of a good Housekeeper, The Guest Accommodation: Housekeeping  salient Features, Description, Guest Room amenities, supplies and services, Floors, Room Name List Patterns, Guest Elevators, Floor Pantries, Guest Safety on Floors, Guest Safety Procedures during Fire, emergencies  









Must Know






Must Know

Housekeeping Procedures:  Briefing, Debriefing, Gate pass, indenting from stores, Inventory of Housekeeping Items           Housekeeping control desk, Importance, Role, Co-ordination, check list, key control. Handling Lost and Found, Forms, Forms and registers used in the Control Desk, Paging systems and methods,  



The Hotel Guest Room: Layout of guest room (Type), Layout of corridor and floor pantry, Types of guest rooms, Guest Room Features – Housekeeping Perspective. 5
Inter departmental Coordination with more emphasis on Front office and the Maintenance department, Hygiene and Grooming Standards of Housekeeping Personnel 4 Desirable to know
Handling of Guest queries, problem, request, General operations of control desk 1 Nice to  Know

Understanding Personal Hygiene Grooming Standards

Understanding Layouts of Front Office and Housekeeping.

Familiarisation with equipments and tools

Rooms layout and standard supplies. (Amenities)

DO’S and Don’ts for new entrants/employees in the front office

Hotel terminology

Note: For focused inputs of accommodation the practical hours may be split up i.e first Two for Front Office and next Two for Housekeeping, thus completing 4 practical lab hours per week of two credit equivalence.





Must Know
Suggested Readings:

Hotel Hostel and Hospital Housekeeping – Joan C Branson & Margaret Lennox (ELBS).

Hotel House Keeping – Sudhir Andrews Publisher: Tata Mc Graw Hill.

Hotel Housekeeping Operations & Management – Raghubalan, Oxford University Press.

Housekeeping and Front Office – Jones

Security Operations By Robert Mc Crie, Publishe: Butterworth – Heinemann

The Professional Housekeeper – Tucker Schneider,; Wiley Publications