2. 07010102: Food & Beverage Service Foundation –I 
Topics to be covered                                                         Teaching Hours Domain
Food and Beverage Services: – Introduction, Concept, and Classification of Catering Establishments, their importance; Personal Hygiene, Uniform & Grooming Standards, F&B

Service Outlets & Familiarization with their Layouts (Tea Lounge, Coffee Shop, Restaurant, Ancillary Departments.

Banquets, Staff Cafeteria), Hierarchy of F&B Service Department, F&B Service Brigade ,Modern Staffing in various hotels, Duties.







Must Know

Food Service Equipments, Fuels & Safety: Food Service Equipments, Classification, Description, Usage, Upkeep and Storage, Food Service Tools, Their Usage, Care & Maintenance, Side Stations, Safety Procedures, Fuel – Types, Usage and Precautions while Food Service.




Food Service -1: Table Crockery, Cutlery, Glassware (Bar Glassware not included) Condiments, Sweeteners, Menu – Concept, Types, Salient Features, Menu Designs, Presenting of Menu, Layout of Table, Napkin Folding (At least Ten Types), Receiving and Greeting the Guests.  



Food Service-II : Introduction, Classification of Services, Usage and Service Methods, Preparation for Services, Mise-en-place and Mise-en-scene, arrangement and setting up of station, Par stocks maintained at each side station, Functions performed while holding a station, Method and procedure of taking a guest order, emerging trends in Food Services and salient features.

Introduction to K.O.T. system.



Responsibilities of various employees  in F&B Service, their attributes; coordination of F&B Service with other departments 5 Desirable to know
Fire, Safety & Emergency Procedures – Introduction, Types and handling fires and dealing with emergencies. 5 Nice to  Know

Understanding Personal Hygiene & Food Service Hygiene

Grooming for Professional Food Service – Do’s & Don’t’s

Understanding Food Service Outlets.

Fuels –Their usage and precautions while dealing with them in F&B Outlets

Handling Fire and Emergency Procedures

Familiarization with Food Service equipments and tools

Familiarization, identification of crockery, cutlery, hollowware, flatware and tableware in F&B Outlets, Handling service gear and Napkins folding.

Services of Soups (Minestrone, Consommés, Cream Soups, Puree Soups, Clear Soups, Bisques, Cold Soups, Chowders and others), Service of Juices, Tea / coffee, Water.

Understanding Service Methods, Setting up of Side Station, Table Layouts, Napkin Folding and Presenting Menus















Must Know
Suggested Reading:


–   Food & Beverage Service – Dennis R.Lillicrap. & John A. Cousines. Publisher: ELBS

–   Food & Beverage Service Management – Brian Varghes

–   Food & Beverage Service Training Manual – Sudhir Andrews, Tata Mc Graw Hill.

–   Food & Beverage Service Lillicrap & Cousins, ELBS

–   Introduction F & B Service- Brown, Heppner & Deegan

–   Menu Planning- Jaksa Kivela, Hospitality Press

–   Modern Restaurant Service- John Fuller, Hutchinson

–   Professional Food & Beverage Service Management – Brian Varghese

–   The Restaurant (From Concept to Operation)

The Waiter Handbook By Grahm Brown